Used Volvo S90

This luxury midsized car from Volvo is their flagship saloon in their stunning line-up. It has been on the road since 2016 ensuring that there is a great offering on the used Volvo market to choose from. 

The S90 is a bit larger than the Volvo S60 but is not quite as large as the spacious XC90, so it sits snuggly in the middle of Volvo’s offering in terms of size.

The meticulous attention to detail and quality you’d associate with a Volvo is clear and present here. With a premium interior seen throughout from the cabin to the rear taking care of comfort and entertainment in style. Everyone is taken care of. 

It does not lag behind on performance either. Acceleration is nippy and handling is responsive. The perfect balance of everything you would look for in a new car, especially given the spec level at this price point. Given all this, it won’t come as a surprise that it was recognised with Automobile magazines Design of the Year award.

Volvo S90 Momentum

Driving the Volvo S90

Driving the S90 is smooth and economical. Particularly if you pick up one of the PHEV models. In terms of models to choose from petrol, diesel, or hybrid models. All fitted with automatic gearboxes. Even the lowest spec model offers a 0 to 60mph time under eight seconds.

This saloon is at home on motorways cruising down motorways with ease. Thanks to the solid handling and all of the assistance features the S90 also excels in urban environments when it comes to navigating traffic and parking in tighter spots.

Quality Interior

This modern and luxurious saloon is a prime example of what makes Scandanavian cars so attractive. It has been packed with experience-enhancing tech and an interior that is well-equipt for long journeys.

It comes far more well-equipt than other comparative models from rivals. Even the entry-level Momentum trim comes with heated seats and a touch screen infotainment system that has smartphone styled operation and intuitive menus with the steering wheel controls that takes care of everything you need. Of course, this scales as you move through the trim levels to the Inscription level and R-Design model.

You’ll comfortably seat five adults, thanks to the soft, supportive, thoughtfully shaped seats. Even on longer journeys. Space and storage is also not a concern with good-sized door bins, glove box, and other compartments. The boot is well-sized to offering 500-litres of storage. It is competitive more than class-leading but more than enough for your storage needs.

How Safe is the Volvo S90?

If there is one thing that Volvo is known for it’s manufacturing some of the safe cars in the world. The Volvo S90 is no exception. It took the full five stars on the Euro NCAP safety test taking nearly full marks for adult safety and safety assist with 95% and 93% respectively. It also scored well on the other categories with 80% for children and 76% for pedestrians.

As well as an array of airbags and crash protection it also brings many features that can prevent you from even crashing in the first place. These include an automatic braking system to avoid - or at least mitigate - collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, or small animals. There is also technology that uses car steering and brakes to prevent you from veering off the road by mistake. It also helps keep you from drifting out of your lane. This is also backed up by advanced cruise control.

There is also an optional upgrade of a safety pack with a blind spot information system that can keep you away from oncoming traffic and a rear collision mitigation system that tightens seatbelts and activates hazard warning lights if a collision is imminent.

You also receive a three-year warranty that covers you for that term or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is pretty much on par with what rival models offer though.

Does the Volvo S90 Offer Good Value for Money?

Since it’s been on the market for over six years at the time of writing you’ll have no problem finding an attractively priced Volvo S90 on the used market. Running costs are also great as its capable of up to 50mpg when measured again in other similar saloons such as the BMW 5 Series.