The Volvo V60. Designed for every moment.

It's hard to deny the allure of the V60, the new family Volvo estate. Blending beautiful aesthetics with elegant functionality and a tranquil design, the design team have put careful thought into every element of it's overall build, helping you make the most of every moment you spend inside.T. Jon Mayer, one the V60's designers, describes how these qualities epitomise Scandinavian design.

‘When I started designing the new V60, I was passionate about making it the most beautiful car in its segment,‘ says T. Jon Mayer. T. Jon, who is now senior director of design at the Volvo Cars Design and Concept Center in Los Angeles. It’s a car designed to provide you with memorable moments for years to come, he says – an object you’ll never tire of looking at, yet which is also practical and functional.

The New Volvo V60

The new V60 develops Volvo Cars’ distinctive design language with a strong, simple style that T. Jon refers to as ‘dynamic and elegant’. “Good design has enduring appeal,” says T. Jon. “And the best Scandinavian design is timeless because it’s honest and simple, yet executed with true quality. It’s beauty that will last.

“Strength in design is often about keeping things simple,” he explains. “Having the courage to reduce rather than to add.” This simplicity is reflected in the clarity of purpose and purity of line that define the new V60. “It projects confidence, yet it’s understated,” he says. “It has a quiet inner confidence. This is something that exemplifies Swedish luxury.”

Based in Volvo's Gothenburg headquarters, T. Jon insists that the simplistic way of life in Sweden has contributed a great deal to his design work, particularly the Volvo V60. “There’s a refined sense of luxury here in Sweden,” he says. ‘The distance between the front wheel and door is really pronounced – it’s these kinds of proportions that give the new V60 a true premium appearance.'

Combining appealing aesthetics with a practical sense of purpose, the V60 encompasses everything that a modern family estate should be. From the shape of the rear, which offers an increased amount of space inside, to the elongated side windows that bring a lot of light and tranquility into the cabin, every aspect of the V60 is designed to be as practical as it is beautiful.

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