Volvo Cars’ Introduces Industry-First Safety Technology: Accident Ahead Alert​

Close up of the digital driver display in a Volvo showing the Accident Ahead Alert

Volvo has introduced another industry-first safety technology in Accident Ahead Alert, a feature that lets drivers know about accidents ahead of them on the road directly using real-time data from a traffic management centre.

The aim is to help drivers avoid collisions and traffic congestion hat is caused by an accident up to a few hundred metres ahead with the location data provided by national road authorities and other compatible cars, starting with other Volvo cars.

Volvo Cars’ industry-first connected safety technology, which was introduced in 2016, uses Volvo Cars’ cloud, based on real-time data. It allows Volvo cars to communicate with each other and alert drivers of nearby slippery road conditions and hazards. In the same way, drivers can now be alerted to accidents ahead regardless of the time of the day.

"Using our groundbreaking connected safety technology, our Accident Ahead Alert can help Volvo drivers avoid unpleasant surprises, while contributing to making roads safer for all,” says Åsa Haglund, head of Volvo Cars Safety Centre. “Thanks to our collaboration with the Danish Road Directorate and other partners in the Data for Road Safety ecosystem, we can introduce this new feature and continue our leadership in safety innovations.”

It will initially be available in Denmark but the intention is to eventually roll out to more European markets as soon as possible.