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Volvo Plug-in Hybrid

How does a Plug-In Hybrid Work?

Since the world is changing and more environmentally cautious, so is Volvo. Already with a broad range of award-winning Plug-in Hybrid cars including the V60, S90, XC40, and XC90, Volvo is aware of the changing attitude towards a more sustainable future. But what are they doing and why should you buy a Volvo Hybrid car for sale?

Firstly, a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is a vehicle powered by two motors, an electric and a fuel injected engine. The engine deploys fuel when more power and range is needed. Volvo’s Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid technology delivers no compromise when it comes to performance. Experience a powerful yet fuel-efficient drive with the combination of pure battery electric power and an efficient petrol engine, discover an unforgettable driving experience. Better yet, why not choose your driving mode to fit your journey’s purpose. For everyday driving choose the Pure mode, to speed up and zoom through the day use the Power mode or for maximum efficiency choose Hybrid. Driving has never been so intelligent.

So why should you buy a PHEV? Well, that’s easy. From reducing emissions and fuel costs to delivering a more responsive acceleration on take-off, there is an abundance of benefits to going electric. And don’t worry if the plug-in battery runs completely flat you can drive on with your petrol or diesel engine.

Volvo Plug-in Hybrid
Volvo Hybrid Car for Sale

Volvo Hybrid Car for Sale

It is important, however, to bear in mind if a plug-in hybrid will fit your lifestyle. You need to have available charging facilities such as a garage or a driveway so a wallbox charger can be fitted. If you park on the street, you would need to rely on the infrastructure around you or a slow domestic charger to charge up your Volvo.

Volvo has been innovating electric powertrains for decades and is committed to improving sustainable mobility and reducing emissions. Volvo is dedicated to electrifying every car in their range, so watch this space.

There has literally never been a better time to switch to electric mobility. Fuel for thought? View our latest Volvo Plug-In Hybrid offers by clicking the button below or contact a member of our team at your nearest Volvo dealer.

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