The Volvo XC90 Review

This past month Volvo Cars Dundee ran a competition on our Facebookpage, the lucky winner would receive a weekends stay at the luxurious Fairmount Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland and drive the beautiful Volvo XC90 R-Design all weekend.

Our winner was able to document their weekend to give us an insight into one of our most talked about cars, the Volvo XC90. Read below to learn more about their experience.

We are itching to know, what did you think when you saw the Volvo XC90?

"Well firstly, thank you very much for an amazing weekend!

A night in the Fairmount hotel in St Andrews was amazing. Completely overshadowed however, by the totally amazing XC90 R-Design that we had the pleasure of driving for the whole weekend.

What a car! We saw it sitting there at the front of the forecourt, this big imposing bright red XC90 r-design, it looked amazing. The huge 20” diamond cut alloy wheels and black trim totally emphasised its bright red colour. "

Volvo XC90 R Design

​It sounds like it was love at first sight. How was it to drive? 

"After collecting the car first thing Saturday morning, and getting the ‘tour of features’ by the helpful staff at the dealership, we took a drive down to Edinburgh. During the mundane motorway miles I turned on the pilot assist cruise control function, that was simply explained by the dealership as ‘turn this on and the car will all but drive itself’. I turned it on, and was completely blown away in how little-a-part I actual had to play in the save journey down the motorway. The car kept us effortlessly in the middle of the chosen lane, with no sudden movements left or right, or bouncing from white line to white line like many lane assist functions in other cars. It kept us at a constant save distance from the car in front, speeding up and slowing down to maintain the gap. I was actually surprised at how quickly this function gained my trust and I quickly stood down my, hovering over the brake, right foot. 

This was helped in part by my pre-collection reading on the car, which gave me some added confidence. Genuinely, I have never felt so safe and comfortable in a car before. It’s large sturdy commanding road presence, coupled with so much lounging comfort from armchair-like r-design sports seats, and a mass of power from the D5 engine when called upon, makes this car a real head turner"

Ok, so driving was a breeze! How did you enjoy the Volvo cabin technology?

"I could go on forever about the many unique features of this car, from the Ironman like Volvo On Call app that lets you start the car from a touch of an icon on your smart watch screen; to the ability to change the colours of the mood lighting inside the cabin; to the aesthetically pleasing full LCD dashboard screen with a variety of themes and easy to use touch pad for all controls; to the full sized 2 rear seats that would comfortably seat large adults and still maintain an adequate boot space. To sum up the experience, the car blew me away with its well thought our features, feeling of safety, comfort, and its performance for a 3 ton 7 seater.

We are delighted that you have enjoyed your weekend and the Volvo XC90. Is there anything else to mention?

"Well, I can say with confidence that the XC90 is on the very top of my car shopping list and a massive thank you to John Clark motor group for an amazing prize."

We love hearing from our customers and competition winners about their experience's in our Volvo cars. If you have been inspired by Darren and Michelle's story follow the link hereto shop our current Volvo XC90 offers.