Another Successful XC90 Test Drive

We were thrilled this month when Kelsey, Influencer at @Littlebitofdovegrey agreed to take our Volvo XC90 for a spin during her birthday weekend. As a self-confessed car-enthusiast, Kelsey was keen to experience the XC90 SUV for herself and we were just as keen to get her feedback!

Kelsey even had her furry friend along with her to test drive the XC90 and we were pleased to hear that they both appreciated the space, luxury and technology inside.

Ashley said "The XC90 is beyond luxurious. It has so much space, luxurious leather interior with heated seats and is self driving and self parking. Yes you heard me it drives itself!"

Volvo XC90 Test Drive
(Photo Credit: Littlebitofdovegrey)

Kelsey also went on to describe her favourite of the safety features built into the XC90, particularly the blind spot detector which comes in very handy when parking! She said "The car warns you if someone is in your blind spot or if you are too close to the car in front. It has every safety feature imaginable! For those of you who don’t know, I am car obsessed! Having travelled to the Top Gear live shows for several years to see the latest cars, technology and upcoming designs, it’s been a real treat to drive this car."

Thank you very much for your Volvo XC90 review! The teams at both Volvo Cars Edinburgh and Dundee are thrilled that you enjoyed your Volvo SUV birthday weekend!