Volvo GAP Insurance

You may be surprised the learn that if your car is declared a write-off, you may not receive the full value of what your Volvo was worth before the accident occurred. However, at we have a solution which will minimise this financial risk, GAP Insurance.

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance protects your finances should your car be written off due to an accident, fire, floor or theft. In short, as the name suggests, GAP insurance helps to bridge the gap between the settlement amount from your motor insurer and the price your car was worth before the incident occurred. Therefore, having Gap insurance for your Volvo helps put your worries at ease in the event of an unforeseen accident.


GAP Insurance at Volvo Cars Dundee & Edinburgh

Volvo Cars Dundee and Edinburgh are proud GAP insurance providers. Our teams are happy to generate a quote tailored to your needs and requirements. If you are interested in GAP insurance, or want to know more about GAP insurance, why not contact our service team now.