How to you Tag the Untaggable Audi Q2?​


When Audi launched the new Q2, they deemed it untaggable on the account of its modern day diversity, making it versatile and distinctive on the road.

So just how do you tag the untaggable?  We’re going to have a good go at solving this riddle.


For those who don’t like to be pigeon holed or conform to the norm, the Q2 is one of you.  Don’t be defined by your style, be unique and label free.

With 12 exterior colour choices (2 of which are new and exclusive to the Q2), 5 C-blade colours, 10 illuminated inlay colours and a choice of wheels, you can make your Audi Q2 as individual as you are.

Q2 Urban Style

Q2 Urban Presence


Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or fit in, the Q2 not only has a myriad of custom options, the Audi Q2 also boasts detailed design that is lit.

The side profile plays on the coupe profiling with the makings of an SUV clear from front to back.

Audi have perfected the stance of the Q2… A touch of allroad for ground-clearance. Just look at that aggressive front grille… Now that is presence!


Turn the Q2 into a creative hub in an instant. With Audi’s Smartphone Interface you can connect your phone and enjoy your favourite beats whilst driving.

I do believe the Q2 should consider itself well and truly tagged. If you like it then you should have put a ring on it, we have… Four of them.

Audi Q2 - Funky
Audi Q2 - Vibrant
Audi Q2 - Bold
Audi Q2 - #tagged