Service Offers in Scotland

Outstanding Service Bundles that will keep your van running like clockwork

Regular servicing of your vehicle ensures that your van performs at its best, saving you time, money and hassle in the long run. All our technicians are Volkswagen factory-trained, well versed in which components need to be checked when.

We only use Volkswagen parts backed by a 2-year parts warranty and 1 year labour warranty. What’s more, we now video what we find so we can show exactly what we’ve checked and what problems, if any, that we find.

We offer great aftersales bundles including; Service, MOT class 4, 5 or 7 with a 1 Year MOT Insurance (covers following MOT), wheel alignment check and a top up pack of oil and ad-blue.

MOT Insurance offers customers the peace of mind that, in the event their vehicles fail an MOT test, they are covered up to the value of £750. Cover is available for vehicles more than three years old, but less than 10 years old, which have covered fewer than 150,000 miles.


How much will my Volkswagen Service Bundle cost me?

ModelSmall Service and MOT Bundle (not including timing belts)Large Service and MOT Bundle (not including timing belts)
Caddy £198.00 £380.00
Transporter T4 £198.00 £450.00
Transporter T5 £198.00 £390.00
Transporter T6 £198.00 £390.00
Amarok £220.00 £430.00
Crafter £230.00 £450.00

ModelSmall Service and MOT BundleLarge Service and MOT BundleLarge Service, MOT and timingbelt/waterpump replacement Bundle
California, Shuttle and Caravelle £239.38 £410.21 £999.99