​Nissan Commercial Vehicle New and Extended Warranty 

At Clark Commercials we understand you want to protect your Nissan Van as much as possible. Our warranty provides you with a reassuring safety net and covers a range of components to give you peace of mind. Whether you require our New Vehicle Warranty, Paint or Towing Warranty or you can be assured it is comprehensive cover your business can count on.

Within the period of time or mileage specified in the table below, an authorised dealer will repair or replace your parts, free of charge.​ 

Warranty Type Light Commercial Vehicles
Electric Vehicles
YearsMiles YearsMiles
New Vehicle Warranty >
covers the complete vehicle
5 60,000 3 60,000
Towing Warranty >
offers breakdown recovery
5 60,000 3 60,000
Touring Assistance >
either hotel accommodation OR rental car is provided
5 60,000 3 60,000
Paint Warranty >
covers the body paint
5 Unlimited 3 Unlimited
Perforation from Corrosion Warranty >
covers inside and outside perforation
6 or 12 Unlimited 6 or 12 Unlimited
Genuine Parts and Accessories Warranty >
including lithium-ion battery
5 Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Standard Components Warranty >
including lithium-ion battery
- - 5 6,000

Lithium-ion Battery State of Heath Guarantee (electric vehicles only)

  • 5 years/ 60,000 miles
  • 8 years/100,000 miles