The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder​

Beautifully designed for your very own Audi.

The Audi Traffic Recorder is there for you for added peace of mind. It's so much more than a simple recording device, its you constant companion on the road ahead.

The new Universal Traffic Recorder is designed to fit within your Audi and has been cleverly put together to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The Traffic Recorder can be placed behind the rear view mirror so you can drive without distraction and there is no additional intrusive LCD screen to have to find a place for. You simply view your camera footage via a smartphone app or removable SD card. You can also download the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder App FREE of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


It's controlled via your smartphone...

The Universal Traffic Recorder has a host of features including:

Live viewing:

  • ​Images from both the front and rear camera can be streamed live to your smartphone

Date Capture:

  • ​This function enables you to play back footage recorded directly to the SD card through your smartphone

Car Finder:

  • ​When the engine is turned off, the location-based information can be captured via GPS and sent to you along with date and time.

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The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder - exclusively for Audi drivers. Is progressively designed, easy to used and provides reassurance against the unexpected and really does give you an extra eye on the road.

Details correct at time of insert. E&OE 02.2018.