Replace your cambelt with Aberdeen & Dundee Audi

and receive FREE MOT's for life

The cam belt is one of the hardest-working, most crucial parts of your engine, so it's important to have it replaced by Audi experts as soon as it's due. Have this service carried out at Aberdeen or Dundee Audi and we'll also cover your cars future with a free MOT every year for life*. What's more, if you sell your Audi, the new owner will still be able to take advantage of this free MOT offer. ​

What will happen if it’s not carried out?

The belt could slack, snap or jump – causing severe internal engine damage. This will result in the vehicle breaking down and could cost hundreds of pounds to repair.

Why is it required?

As you may know, the cambelt is a rubber component; a toothed belt that is kept at a specific tension, which drives and maintains synchronisation of many major internal components in the engine. For this reason the belt must not go beyond its time or wear guidelines.

Free MOT for life when you get your Cambelt replacedwith Audi

What are the benefits?

If the cambelt is replaced when recommended, it prevents tension loss and fracture that would cause engine damage.

• Prolongs engine life
• Offers peace of mind
• Includes an Authroised Audi Stamp in the service book
• Maintains goodwill warranty
• Helps preserve the residual value of your vehicle

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*Privately owned Audi vehicles of any age or model. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Re-tests will be chargeable. The Offer only relates to the MOT test fee and does not include any subsequent part or labour costs required to repair the vehicle in order for it to pass the MOT or for any other reason. Cannot be redeemed for cash. At participating Audi Centres only. Please check with your preferred Audi Centre.