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Audi Connect

Plug & Play data plug

The Audi Connect Plug & Play DataPlug is available for only £36 from Aberdeen & Dundee Audi.

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Read on below to find out more about the Audi DataPlug and how it can benefit you and your Audi.

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Audi data Plug

What is the Audi DataPlug?

The Audi Connect plug & play data plug simply fits into your diagnostic port, turning your Audi into a connected car in no time at all. The Audi DataPlug connects to the Audi connect plug & play app (available on iOS & Android) on your phone via Bluetooth.

Once you have your phone and car connected you can view information such as; mileage, chassis number and fuel level. Allowing you to check how many miles or days are left until your next service appointment.


The digital logbook on the app, allows you to track and categorise your work or personal trips. It automatically logs each trip, making it easy to keep track of date and times of journeys, miles driven and you can even export them via the app if required.

Fuel monitor.

The fuel monitor shows you how often you are refueling your Audi and can even track monthly fuel expenses, perfect if you have a company car or share a car.


Audi connect plug and play can measure your personal driving data, including; acceleration, engine speed & braking behavior. This can allow you to learn and tailor your own driving style to reach your destination more efficiently.

More connected to your Audi

No more forgetting where you parked. With Audi Connect you will always know where you last parked your vehicle.

Find the fun in driving again

The 'My Challenges' portion of the app allows you to take part in a wide range of challenges, where you can collect points and trophies.