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Winter Tyres at Aberdeen & Dundee Audi

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Winter Tyres / Cold Weather Tyres have more natural rubber than standard tyres, so they remain pliable at low temperatures. These tyres have unique tread patterns designed to displace water and slush from under the tyre, reducing aquaplaning. They also have small grooves, called sipes, in the tread block that increase the number of surfaces that can ‘bite’ into the road.

It has been proven that 'Winter' tyres work best at temperatures below 7 deg. They outperform conventional tyres for traction, cornering grip and braking in lower tempratures – regardless of whether there is rain, snow or ice on the road.

Tyresafe, an independent road safety charity, has tested the effectiveness of winter tyres. During their tests they found that stopping distance was improved by up to 5 meters when using 'Winter Tyres' as opposed to standard 'Summer Tyres'.

On snow, this distance is considerably better. The sipes on the winter tyres offer grip even when the tread is packed with soft snow. In these conditions, a 2 -wheel-drive car with winter tyres is unfailingly safer than 4-wheel-drive car with summer tyres.

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