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Save £9000 when you buy one of our VW campervans for sale at Clark Commercials in Aberdeen & Edinburgh

It is undeniable that Scotland’s love for VW campervan’s is snowballing incredibly. Today, as we see more and more Volkswagen campervan’s shadow us at traffic lights and park opposite us at local shopping centres, we ask ourselves what is causing this influx of campervans in Scotland. It may not be until we feel our faces turn green with envy as we watch our neighbour pull into their driveway in a brand-new VW California Campervan that we must investigate what exactly is causing this inclination. So, if you are toying with the idea of buying a new campervan, here at Clark Commercials in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, not only do we boast the greatest range of VW campervans for sale, but we also offer you the best Volkswagen California campervan offers, helping your dreams become a reality.

Interested in saving £9000 when you buy a new campervan?

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VW Campervans for sale
Cheap Campervans for sale

Unbeatable new VW California offers Clark Commercials

Truth being told these coveted recreational motors have been loved for centuries, and this ongoing mass appeal comes down to the fact that VW campervans are much more than a symbol of freedom and adventure. Unlike similar large purchases, in today’s economic climate, VW campervans only increase in value making them great value for money. Here at Clark Commercials, we understand the boundless benefits of owning a VW campervan which is why we wish to make buying a VW campervan more accessible to our customers. At our Volkswagen van centres in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, for a limited time only, we are offering a £9,000 saving for cash buyers. There is simply no better time to buy a new VW California campervan.

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