SKODA Kodiaq on Kodiak Island

Ever wondered where the SKODA Kodiaq SUV got its name? This week we saw the SKODA Kodiaq Scout and Kodiaq Sportline travel more than 8,000 kilometres to reach it's namesake, Kodiak Island, near Alaska.

Home to 14,000 inhabitants, not to mention 3,500 bears, Kodiak Island is a paradise of rugged beauty, including steep mountains and deep forests. It's not difficult to see the inspiration that was drawn from its landscape to create the SKODA Kodiaq, which has ruggedness, practicality and strength as part if its design DNA.

In the language of the indigenous people, the word 'Kodiaq' actually refers to the world's largest subspecies of brown bear.

If there is a better word to describe the power of our biggest SKODA SUV, we haven't heard it! The tour of the island involved a visit to the Pacific Spacesport Complex and the foothills of Pyramid Mountain. Check out this footage for more infiormation on this fantastic trip.

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