After helping Volkswagen customer Catriona choose her Golf GTI, Aberdeen Salesman Lewis Honeyman was surprised to find Catriona had posted a LinkedIn review detailing the excellent service she received.

Fresh from an unsatisfying experience with another dealership, Catriona entered Specialist Cars Volkswagen Aberdeen and was immediately impressed by Lewis' warm and friendly demeanor.

"Our salesman, Lewis, offered us a seat, then preceded to build rapport. What did we drive just now? Who was the car for and did we have family? In other words, getting a picture of who we are and what would suit us best. We shared stories of previous buying experiences and really did enjoy chatting with Lewis. At no point was he pushy, arrogant or trying the hard close."

Although Catriona had no plans to buy from a dealership that day, Lewis' attentive and genuine service led to Catriona being so satisfied with her Volkswagen Aberdeen experience that she placed an order on a Golf GTI.

"I was once asked in an interview, what comes first, sales or service? I still believe that the answer I gave was a solid one, 'Provide a client with caring service and the sales will take care of themselves.’ Taking those extra minutes, being pleasant and genuinely interested in us, got Lewis the sale and beat the lowest price trap."

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Well done to Lewis at Specialist Cars Volkswagen Aberdeen in providing an excellent experience for Catriona and gaining another satisfied Volkswagen customer!