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Intrested in Owning VW Electric Cars?

​Did you know owning a VW Electric car is cheaper than you think? Plus, won’t it feel good to save money, the environment and drive a stunning new car of the future? The government even give you money off the price of an electric vehicle with a plug-in government grant.

Benefit from a huge discount of up to £3,500 by going green and doing your bit to save the planet. It is a common misconception that electric cars are more expensive than a petrol or diesel car, this may be the case when you purchase the EV initially, but with the government grant and big savings on fuel, you will absolutely save money in the long run. What’s more, imagine never having to pay road tax!
On a cost per mile basis, an electric car can save you up to a third of what a traditional car may cost you to run, the cost of electricity is much cheaper per mile than a petrol or diesel model. Plus, less wear and tear and fewer repairs are expected throughout its lifetime.

Free parking is another perk when you buy an electric car, you can park for free in various handy locations throughout the UK, so parking in the city centre could cost you nothing but the electricity it takes to get you round.

With home charging points simple to install, charging your car is easy. At Volkswagen, we use lithium-ion technology batteries with proven reliability to hold charge and not diminish overtime. Plus, our EV batteries come with an 8 year or 99,360 mile warranty, for your peace of mind. Depending on your car’s battery size and the speed of the charging points, in a VW electric car you can charge up as little as 30 minutes or 17 hours. This is all dependant on the voltage and amps which vary from the Wallbox, charge point connectors and rapid change point connectors. A professionally installed socket or Wallbox in your garage or driveway will keep you powered and ready to roll!
A handy tip is to download the app Zap-Map which will help you find your nearest EV charging station and plan your long journeys.

To find out more about the benefits of owning an VW electric car, including information on charging and government grants, contact us today. There has never been a better time to go electric!

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