The New VW e-up!

Electric Performance

VW e-up!

Volkswagen have designed the new e-up! to take you further than ever before. On a full charge, the e-up! has a range of up to 162 miles (WLTP). That’s more than enough to get you from London to Brighton and all the way back!

Charging that suits you

Using the new e-up! e-manager’s time delayed charging option you decide when the e-up! starts powering up, even if you’ve already plugged it in. If you want to save on your cars charging costs you can tell the e-up! to charge itself overnight during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper.

What else is new?

You can instantly connect your Apple or Android smartphone to your e-up! using the maps+more dock for up-to-the-minute traffic updates, hands-free calls and navigation. You can also stream all your favourite songs and podcasts via your phone through the Composition Phone radio system’s six loudspeakers.

Fore more details speak to our Sales Teams in Aberdeen and Kirkcaldy.