Lean how Peugeot went from making coffee to making cars!

Peugeot has been a great journey, from humble beginnings producing coffee, pepper and salt grinders to creating some of the greatest cars ever - well we definitely think so!

Armand Peugeot first fell in love with motion back in 1882 when he introduced Le Grand Bi penny-farthing. Peugeot bicycles continue to be a staple within the Peugeot brand and are very sought after. After beginning with bicycles Armand moved onto building something more substantial. In 1890 the first from Peugeot was born. From then it was pedal to metal to create more models and create something we have grown to love today.

The first Peugeot was launched to purchase in 1929 and was named the Peugeot 201. The French Motoring industry was captivated by Armand’s developments and creative inspiration behind these first cars.

In the 1960’s Peugeot was made popular across the globe in TV shows such as Columbo, who drove the classic Peugeot 403 in style.This boosted the awareness of the brand and created a buzz around what new models would soon be released.

Fast forward to the 80’s and Peugeot recapture that same attention with the Peugeot 205 which was launched in 1983. The supermini car was a huge success which earned the award of the bestselling car in France. Sales across Europe and Britain took sky rocketed.This enabled Peugeot to gain new customers and create some new vehicles to suit all road types.

That now takes us to present day! Peugeot has come a long way from a simple engine and four wheels. Now with integrated technology in their new i-Cockpit and luxury finishing, Peugeot have listened to their consumer every mile of the way. From a love of motion, to now, a love of driving and how you drive.Their commitment for innovation is never stopping, from the All-New Peugeot 5008 we can see how their creativity is still at the heart of what they do.

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