Audi Emissions Update

We are pleased to confirm that Volkswagen Group UK will communicate the VIN’s (Vehicle Identification Number) of affected cars to us in the coming days and a self-serve process for customers to check if their vehicle is affected will also be available, although no timeline has been provided for this option at present.

Volkswagen Group UK are currently working on a technical solution to modify the diesel vehicles with EA 189 EU5 engines, which will be presented to the relevant authorities in October. In the meantime, customers will be kept informed over coming weeks and months, plus all brand websites will be updated with any developments.

We will continue to keep you informed, but until then please feel assured that all vehicles remain roadworthy and new vehicles with EU6 engines, plus all petrol models remain unaffected.

The specific numbers of vehicles in the UK affected per brand are as follows:

Volkswagen Passenger Cars – 508,276

Audi – 393,450

SEAT – 76,773

ŠKODA – 131,569

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – 79,838